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Best Guitar Lessons for Children

Your child will learn to play the guitar quickly

California Music Academy’s guitar lessons focus on getting you to be able to play your favorite songs immediately. Our guitar instructors are all experienced musicians. They naturally teach any music style that your child may be interested in.


Private guitar lesson is the only effective way to teach kids

Taking guitar lessons with a qualified instructor is the fastest way to learn effective guitar techniques. It is also crucial for learning music theory and develop good musicianship habits. A good guitar teacher is instrumental in teaching a child how a song should be played.


Online guitar lessons are a complete waste of time

Any guitar teaching method that is not based on personal interaction is bound to fail. Only an experienced teacher can properly design beginner lessons, and watch closely and see if the student is playing a music piece correctly or not.


Ukulele is an excellent option for young beginners

Ukuleles are a very similar instrument as the guitar. However, there is no doubt that they are easier to play for young kids. Ukuleles sound amazing and are substantially smaller. Additionally, their strings are easier to press down for young kids. 


We have the best guitar teachers near you

Our teachers understand that every child is an individual, with unique musical needs goals and talents. Accordingly, all of our guitar instructors specialize in teaching children. They are fun and friendly and enjoy working with young beginners. 


We use only a personalized lesson plan 

 We design a personal private lesson plan that fits your child’s individual needs. Naturally, we also make sure to focus on popular music and your child’s favorite songs.

The teacher will see what your child’s preferred type of music is. Then, we will set goals to help in accomplishing whatever musical aspirations your child has.


It is easy for beginners to learn to play the guitar

A Regular short daily practice session will enable your child to play the guitar within a couple of months. This is true even for absolute beginners who are learning guitar for the first time. However, you need to take into account that becoming a good guitar player takes a long term commitment. Generally, most of our beginner level students take lessons on a long term basis. They evidently enjoy taking the lessons on a weekly basis, and they see a constant improvement in their skills and performance level.


We teach all styles of music

All of our teachers are indeed highly talented active guitar performers. For this reason, they can teach all musical styles from classical, country, pop, rock, jazz. We have many highly qualified guitar instructors on our team that specialize in teaching beginner guitar. Therefore, we can almost instantly match your child with a qualified guitar teacher that is a perfect fit. 


We support parents in helping their kids practice

Any parent, even without a musical background, can help a child to practice effectively. Moreover, if you encourage your child to practice daily and do exercises a few times per day, you will see amazing results.

Additionally, we often invite parents to observe their child’s guitar lessons. It helps parents to get an idea of the proper way a song should sound. Furthermore, they will be able to assist the student at home during practice time.


Our guitar teachers are truly excellent mentors

Undoubtedly, our guitar instructors have a passion for teaching children and young beginners. They have warm personalities, are very friendly, and strive to relate their teaching to each student.

Being an accomplished guitar player doesn’t necessarily make you a good teacher. We make sure that our team members best-qualified instructors for mentoring our guitar students!

Therefore, we always search the entire Los Angeles area for the top teachers, who embody the high standards of our music school. All of our instructors have substantial professional performance experience. Therefore your child is guaranteed to have a real mentor that is qualified to deliver the best instruction possible.

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