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Katelyn M.

Katelyn M.

Piano | Singing | Guitar

Katelyn is a professional musician, vocalist, songwriter, piano player, and guitarist. She studied music, Jazz piano, songwriting, and performance at Cornish College of the Arts. She has been playing guitar for almost 20 years, focusing primarily on acoustic pop-rock, and finger-picking music. Katelyn can also play rock, blues, and pop music on both acoustic and electric guitars. She has been playing piano for nearly 30 years, starting at age 3, and has a strong background in jazz piano. Katelyn also performed playing classical music, along with blues, folk, rock, pop, and pop-rock music. I’ve taught private piano and guitar lessons to 23 students, ranging in age from 4 years old to adult. Katelyn has been teaching piano, guitar, and electric bass lessons for children ranging from 4-15 years of age, and has taught piano, guitar, and alto saxophone lessons to adults as well.

Mathew J.

Mathew J.

Piano | Singing | Guitar

Matthew was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is a Moroccan-American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, educator, and professional pianist located in Los Angeles, California. Spending his formative years in Morocco with his Norwegian-American father and his African-American mother before moving to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Matthew fell in love with music as a young boy. Introduced by his supportive musician father to the songwriting of The Beatles, the stage presence and undeniable showmanship of James Brown, and the epic artistry of Michael Jackson, With a natural affinity at age six, Matthew quickly learned piano, and drums, while also excelling at singing, melody, and poetry. Studying at institutions such as McNally Smith College of Music & Berklee College of Music, Matthew enjoyed his first taste of success with the six-piece ensemble, The Common Cassettes, who toured throughout the U.S. with marquee performances in Seattle, Austin, and Rochester, New York. This notoriety landed him at Minneapolis’ largest independent label, Pledge Empire Records, with whom he found himself producing, ghostwriting, composing, and featuring on various songs for groundbreaking Hip-Hop/Rap artists such as Ced Linus, Sti-Lo Reel, Prince Carlton, and Louis P. During this prolific time, he was nominated “Best RnB Artist of the Year” by the Twin Cities Urban Music Awards while also scoring compositions for “Worldwide Star Search” in Hollywood, performing with 3x Grammy-Award winners, Jamaica Bennett, and Pippi Ardennia, and collaborating with former NFL Defensive Linemen, Esera Tuaolo for “Hate in Any Form is Wrong,” an event to foster diversity in sports and anti-bullying among youth. In the fall of 2016, Matthew moved to Los Angeles to further his songcraft while also pursuing modeling, acting, and audio engineering! Since then, Matthew’s content lead him into working on various projects tied to artists such as Debra Cox, Rihanna, Moto Blanco & NeYo, in addition to working with several organizations such as Universal Studios, Amazon, and Microsoft. Since then Matthew continues to educate and empower his students to continue their passions in music and the arts while perusing his own musical journey.

Shanice A. - Piano Teacher

Shanice A.


Shanice is a classical pianist in Los Angeles who started playing at the age of 8 with piano. She has won many piano competitions in the CAPMT Concerto Competition California State Winner, Bellflower Symphony Concerto Competition Winner, 2nd place at the American Protégé International Competition, making her debut at Carnegie Hall, finalist at Chicago International Piano Competition, and won 1st place at the American Protégé Concerto Piano Competition 2020 making her 2nd debut at Carnegie Hall. She also got invited to be a soloist playing a concerto with the City Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles Orchestra with conductor Charles Dickerson featuring composer Lukas Richman’s Concerto work, “In Truth” at Walt Disney Concert Hall. Not only solo, but she also has excelled as a chamber musician. Her participation in the past years in chamber music led to her being selected for a concert tour at the Mozarteum Conservatory Salzburg, Austria. With her chamber group, she performed in many venues such as Santa Monica College Emeritus College, UCLA Schoenberg Hall, Colburn School of Music, and LACMA Live Sunday Broadcast. Also, she participated in many different summer music festivals, including Pianofest in the Hamptons, Bowdoin Music Festival, and the Hawaii Chamber Festival, performing at the Hawaii University playing the Brahms Piano Trio. During the strict covid lockdown, she performed for healthcare workers and has always believed the power of music can heal one’s heart. During the 2020 summer, she has performed for the frontline workers at the Los Angeles Emergency Department by Zoom Real-Time and has been featured on Mindful Music UCLA that is a virtual concert series to dedicate healthcare workers at UCLA Health facility. She graduated from the University of California Los Angeles with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music and started her Masters’s in August 2021 with a classical piano performance degree. She has a passion for teaching piano at any age and has taught and subbed for different music schools in Los Angeles. She dedicates her teachings to helping students with their musical careers to grow.

Dr. Kelsey S.


Dr. Shields is a professional musician, trumpet performer, music educator, arranger, and sheet music publisher. She earned her doctorate in trumpet performance at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and her master’s degree in music education at the Eastman School of Music. Her students regularly earn excellent solo contest ratings and make middle and high school honor band ensembles. She has been teaching piano lessons, jazz band, and music courses at the collegiate level.

Jesse A.

Jesse A.

Piano | Guitar

As a graduate with a Master’s degree in Music Production from Berklee College of Music, Jesse has learned to appreciate the significance of hard work and independence. Growing up, his Uncle Bob used to come over and play the piano for him at family gatherings. At age five, Jesse was inspired to take lessons from him. Experiencing how happy his uncle’s piano playing made people feel, Jesse wanted to make people feel this way too. Struggling at first to grasp the basics motivated him to reach a level of skill that now allows him the flexibility to display the same mastery as his uncle. Jesse picked up other instruments (voice, guitar, bass, drums, and flute) and developed his songwriting, production, and engineering skills. This helps him let others feel the euphoria he felt as a child. He enjoys having the ability to play all the parts from performer to producer. Also, He understands that having a great team consistently delivers a better outcome. Recognizing the many emotions portrayed through music, he continues to learn techniques and experience new ideas, propelling his work forward. Expressing himself through music allows him to speak to groups and establish a connection with the individual listener. Some of his favorite musical influences include The Beatles, John Mayer, Frank Ocean, The 1975, U2, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, Chet Baker, Daniel Caesar, Radiohead, James Taylor, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Killers, Donny Hathaway, and Jeff Buckley.

Mariana S.


Mariana began making a name for herself after being discovered by Grammy award-winning Producer Om’Mas Keith, known for albums such as “Channel Orange” and “Blonde”. Together they’ve collaborated with artists such as Anderson Paak, Amine, Kendrick Lamar, and more! In 2019, Mariana won a Grammy nomination for her work on the Spiderman: Into The Spiderverse Soundtrack AlbumMariana studied Keyboard Performance and Music Production at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood. Mariana Is now continuing to study jazz piano under the guidance of Grammy award-winning producer and pianist Taylor Graves, known for his work on the discography of the Grammy-winning jazz fusion artist Thundercat.

Jason F.

Jason F.


Jason is a music producer, pianist, and educator originally from South Florida, in the United States. He graduated from the Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Performance and moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to begin his music career as a professional jazz pianist and teacher. Jason has been a piano accompanist on the auditions for American Idol, a production assistant on the set of America’s Got Talent, as well as opening for John Legend back in 2015. After graduating from Berklee with a master’s in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation, Jason is now based in Los Angeles, California where he works on music & music education full-time. Since 2013, has been teaching students essential music fundamentals, instrumental techniques, and the language of music education. His goal as a teacher is to guide students to find their true voice as creatives themselves so they can share their expression of music with others.

Angie G.

Angie G.


Angie is a professional singer/songwriter with a background in film and dancing. Angie believes that art is the most beautiful language we were gifted with, and that has an immense power to heal – empower – and entertain. angie has an extensive experience and passion for teaching- It is a gift of a life change. She has traveled the world as an artist and can sing in nine languages: Spanish, Italian, French, German, Hindi, Greek, Japanese, English, and Albanian. Angie’s extensive background in dance and film allows her to not only teach how to play the piano or sing but also to guide her students in finding themselves through stage performance and interpretation.

Chris R.

Chris R.


Chris is an avid composer, producer, keyboardist and guitarist. He has over 18 years of professional experience and 27 years of playing experience. He has studied all styles of music from traditional to contemporary and has a degree in composition and theory from the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music. Chris writes and records music for a variety of projects including film, theater, dance, commercial release, video games, etc.  Past clients have included NBC, Verizon, Center Theater Group, and more. Chris is an experienced educator with extensive band coaching experience. Over the years, he led several band programs throughout the country including 8 years with the National Guitar Workshop. He was featured in NGW’s “Shred Boot Camp”, published by Alfred Music. He loves sharing. his energy and knowledge with musicians of all ages.

Mariana R.

Mariana R.

Piano | Singing | Ukulele

Mariana has been teaching singing, piano, and ukulele for about 15 years. She is a professional musician and a performing artist. Mariana holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance from California State University Northridge. The piano is her first instrument and singing is her passion and her main professional focus. She has also been teaching Ukulele for about 3 years up to the intermediate level.

Sami S.

Sami S.

Piano | Saxophone

Sami is a professional musician and saxophone player. She earned her BM Degree in Jazz Studies at USC Thornton School of Music. She has been teaching music for several years, and has been involved in band leadership, music promotion, and talent acquisition.

Nathaniel M.

Nathaniel M.


Nathaniel is an incredibly versatile composer for film, TV, and video games. He currently assists composer Evan Goldman at Remote Control Productions in Santa Monica, providing technical and artistic assistance on various games and feature films. He also owns and operates Dark Tea, a media-scoring service through which he works as a composer for various clients and collaborators. Nathaniel received his Bachelors of Music with an emphasis on composition from the University of Texas at Austin. His strong teaching suits are music composition, music production, and film scoring.

Isaac C.

Isaac C.


Isaac Cohen comes from a musical family and has had a passion for music from a young age. Over the years he has developed a range of skills, studying classical, jazz, and pop piano techniques. He has studied renowned pianist, Regulo Martinez, at the highly-regarded Colburn School of Music, where he excelled in classical music, as well as with other private teachers who were masters at teaching him more about chord progressions, pop styles, improvising, arranging, creating, chart reading, and songwriting. In addition, he had the good fortune to study songwriting with internationally acclaimed songwriter, Saverio Grandi. Isaac is currently studying with professors at Cal State University Los Angeles, getting his Bachelor of Music degree in Commercial Music. His favorite thing about music is when he learns or hears something new, such as a song or musical sequence that motivates him to continue playing and creating amazing music. His current projects involve producing a pop album. His musical influences include Ed Sheeran, John Legend, and anyone else that he feels makes incredible music. Isaac loves working with people of all ages, finding that kids and teens are at an age when musical interest really starts to develop, and he knows that it is an important period of time to start learning the skills needed to be an amazing musician. Isaac is always looking forward to meeting new people, gaining new experiences, and making a great impact on people’s lives. With his 15+ years of piano playing experience, he understands the mistakes many pianists make and knows the best ways to teach new students how to develop their skills. Aside from Isaac’s excellent background, perhaps equally important qualities are his patience, flexibility, his experience in many musical genres, and his readiness to create a piano learning experience that will help you to become the pianist you want to be.

Dana H.

Dana H.


Dana has had music in her heart and soul ever since she can remember. She began her musical career, before kindergarten, at home in her room, listening to her favorite records, using a hairbrush for a mic, and pretending to play keyboard on the floor! At age seven, Dana began taking lessons on the Pipe Organ and the Theater Organ (her mother and grandmother both played, so it seemed the obvious instrument for Dana, too). Eventually, she began playing in church and for special events. From High School-on, Dana played nearly every Sunday in church and, on occasion, a famous Theater Organ in her hometown in Michigan. Dana studied at Grand Valley State University and graduated with a B.A. She began working with a singer-turned-vocal coach who was with the Metropolitan Opera for years. He taught Dana all he had learned about singing correctly and about performance. His training helped Dana record an album and spend incredible years giving concerts, opening for legends such as Bob Hope, Kenny Rogers, Wayne Newton, and more. Dana treasures those years and still enjoys singing for events and in churches, and is playing the organ every Sunday at a local church in Los Angeles. Dana has been serving as a music director in a church for many years while teaching piano and voice students. She enjoys sharing her experience, knowledge, and passion for music with her young students. She knows that learning must be fun, so while her teaching style is very comprehensive, Dana loves to make her students smile, feel encouraged, and happy about learning music.

Paul F.

Saxophone | Clarinet | Piano | Guitar

Third-generation musician with many successful students. Paul is a professional saxophonist clarinetist who also plays the guitar and piano. His saxophone, clarinet, and songs can be heard in many films and TV shows including Emmy nominated film “Uncle Frank”, Chicago PD, American Masters, and Nashville to name a few. Paul’s students learn all aspects of music. How to play their instrument, ear training, songwriting, music theory, and reading. Paul performs live all the time with a variety of bands and orchestras including his band Big Lucky. Paul has been studying music since five years old. Has a bachelor’s degree in Science and Art from the State University of New York at Albany and a Film scoring degree from UCLA.

Chresten H.

Drums | Piano | Guitar

Chresten is a multi-instrumentalist who is an active performing musician, songwriter, producer, singer, and mixing engineer. He has been performing and teaching all ages and skills for over 15 years. his background as a multi-instrumentalist allows him to bring a wide variety to his lessons. He strives to make each student’s lesson their own and focused on the student’s interests, and he always makes time to jam!

Jeremy A.

Piano | Guitar | Drums

Jeremy has always had a passion for music from a very early age, and he hopes to share that passion as best as he can with every student that comes his way. He first started playing drums when he was 9 years old. His father was a classic-rock drummer and he was always inspired when he heard the drums booming throughout the house growing up. Pretty soon he realized he wanted to start writing his own songs and scores, so he began to learn piano at the age of 10 and guitar at the age of 13. He started with some pretty awesome teachers to wrap his head around the basics; once he grew comfortable with some music theory and technique, he soon shifted my focus on learning composition and classical music, as well as looking for inspiration from artists and bands that he loved. He found himself getting into music production to make these ideas come to life. Around this time in high school is when he started to craft his own film scores as well as video-game music arrangements using the theory he picked up from playing traditional instruments. He then began to tap into another significant underlying passion that he had… teaching music! He soon taught professionally at Vancouver Music Academy and Happy Valley Arts Academy in the Pacific Northwest. Years later he finds himself lucky to continue to take what he learned in this process and bring it to all students that he has taken under his wing! Now he spends half of his time teaching, while the other half is spent producing and composing music for a music library that gets placements for Sports and Reality TV networks. He’s been lucky enough to have his music published on tv in the UK, US, Japan, and Australia. He looks forward to hearing his students play and watching their passion for music grow along the way!

Daniel S. - Guitar Teacher

Daniel S.


Daniel has been playing music since the age of 5, first starting with piano and then switching to guitar at age 10. He continued his musical journey at LA Music Academy where he was trained in rock, jazz, funk, blues, etc., as well as music theory and notation. In more recent years Daniel has also worked as an academic tutor for all ages, giving him a wealth of teaching experience to draw on.

Fabian F. - Guitar Teacher

Fabian F.

Guitar | Ukulele | Bass

I’ve been teaching for many years and have a BA Degree in Jazz Performance from Leeds College of Music, UK.
I have toured and performed all over the world, and also compose music for SpongeBob SquarePants tv show.

Chris N.

Guitar | Piano

Chris is a Santa Monica native and graduate of the Thornton School of Music at USC, where he majored in Studio/Jazz Guitar. Chris currently teaches, plays live and session gigs, and composes for film and TV. Chris has ten years of teaching experience and can now add a few more new students to his teaching roster. Chris is a professional songwriter and guitarist. His musical journey started at the age of seven when his mom signed him up for classical piano lessons.  After a short while, he played last at the recitals as the finale and knew he wanted to play and perform for the rest of his life. He eventually gravitated towards playing rock, pop, and jazz styles, playing his favorite bands’ songs. “My dad was a classic rock fan, always playing Eric Clapton, Elton John, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix in the living room and car stereo. He and my mom had so many stories of concerts they went to growing up in the sixties.” He wanted to play guitar like his musical heroes, so at thirteen, his dad bought him a Mexican Stratocaster from Guitar Center in Hollywood.  From there, he played in the Jazz Bands at Crossroads School from middle school through senior year, and for two years, he studied with the late guitar legend Ted Greene, who was kind enough to sell one of his telecasters before he passed. He was admitted into the Thornton School of Music at USC as a studio/jazz guitar major, where he studied with the faculty of world-renowned guitarists, including session guitarist Carl Verheyen. After graduation, he moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where he spent two years co-writing and playing guitar sessions. He wrote with the late Mark Grey, former hit country songwriter best known for Alabama’s “The Closer You Get” and lead singer of Exile. He also worked with producer Josh Leo, playing guitar for one of his artists. After returning to Los Angeles, he has continued to write, gig, and work as a bandleader and session guitarist, with his main focus on writing and producing as many genres as he can. To date, his writing credits include spots for Honda, Pizza Hut, Got Milk, TikTok, and Banner Health.

Daniel I. - Piano Teacher

Daniel I.


In over 20 years of teaching, Daniel has brought the joy of music to hundreds of students. His light-hearted, yet focused teaching style is unique and is compatible with a wide variety of student personality types. With extensive training from the Eastman School of Music and Interlochen Arts Academy, and vast knowledge and experience, Daniel is capable of taking a novice student from the most rudimentary concepts all the way to advanced performance techniques, and conservatory preparation, professional guidance, and more. He will create a custom individualized curriculum to help each student achieve their amateur or professional musical goals

Thomas G.


Thomas grew up in Tacoma, WA, and began learning the guitar around age 10. He became well-versed in classic rock from his parents but soon rebelled against the classical music from the school band and orchestra. In college, he studied tuba with Dr. Carla Rutschman and jazz with Chuck Israels. He has decades of performing experience with all types of rock, metal, and punk bands, jazz trios and quartets, brass quintets and bands, wind symphonies and symphony orchestras, tuba ensembles, and marching bands, and some solo guitar. Thomas also enjoys audio engineering and has recorded and mixed dozens of records.

Justin D.

Singing | Guitar

Justin is a voice and guitar teacher with a unique background in popular and classical music. He began studying music at age 6 and received his B.A. in Music (Vocal Performance) and B.A. in Recording Arts from LMU. His experience includes performing in rock bands, musical theatre, opera, a Cappella, choir, solo voice, concert/jazz band, as well as recording sessions and music production. Justin has been working with students and musical artists for 8 years, where he prioritizes an engaging and supportive learning environment for teaching and coaching. He adapts to each of his student’s learning styles and goals, and he is very excited to get to know his new students.

Ben S. - Guitar Teacher

Ben S.

Guitar | Bass | Ukulele | Oud

Ben holds a B.A. degree in music studies and is currently completing his Master’s in music industry studies. Ben teaches guitar, bass, and Oud. He can teach any genre including rock, metal, blues, jazz, acoustic, classical, and flamenco styles. Ben is also an accomplished world musician with a strong and celebrated background in Middle Eastern, North-Indian, and Indonesian instrumental performance. He is well-versed in musical theory and likes to take a holistic educational approach with all his students


How can I find the best music teacher for my child?

Just give us a call or fill out the Free Trial form and we will call you back with suggestions!  Since 2003 we devote much of our time to matching young students with the right teacher.

Our teachers are great at music instruction for any grade level. This includes preschool, elementary school, and high school.

We know all of our teachers very well since we interact with them extensively on a daily basis. We know their personality, strengths, weaknesses, and their teaching style. We regularly speak with all students and parents, so we have a good understanding of the type of students that best fit each teacher.

Our Fantastic Music Teachers are the Best Fit for Your Child!

The overwhelming majority of music lessons websites that you find online are simply generic referral services. Such providers will usually write a compelling “sales pitch” for each of the music teachers posted on their website. However, as a parent, such descriptions will not help you at all, and may often be counterproductive. We used to publish our teachers’ detailed portfolios in the past, but we realized that students and parents would often tend to choose a teacher that may not be the best for their needs.

The reason is that a beautiful picture, a friendly smile, or a compelling bio – usually tells nothing about the teacher’s personality or compatibility with your child. Let us help you, so you get a better chance to find a teacher that can create an incredible experience for your child while learning to play an instrument or sing popular music.

Who Are Your Teachers?

More than 20 top local music teachers take part in the music program at the California Music Academy! Naturally, they come from different backgrounds and have different areas of specialization. We receive dozens of applications from music teachers each month.

We screen, interview, audition, and train each one of our team members. We continuously speak to former and current students and parents, to make sure that all of our teachers keep the high standards that our teaching team is known for in the local community.

Do you have teachers that can simultaneously teach my child Piano&Voice or Guitar&Voice?

Yes. Many of our teachers are professional vocal coaches and are also teaching piano and/or guitar up to intermediate or advanced levels.


Will my child learn to play music but also be able to read music?

Sure. Our experienced music teachers are great at teaching how to play musical instruments. Moreover, at the same time, they will also teach your child music theory. Being able to read standard music notation can expand your child’s options and enjoyment. 

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