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California Music Academy is the leading music school for children in the Conejo Valley. Our music education program focuses on the most popular musical instruments: Piano, Singing, and Guitar

For almost 20 years, we ran the largest and oldest “brick and mortar” music school in the Conejo Valley. However, to ensure the safety of our students in the Covid-19 era, we have transitioned to private In-Home lessons and Live Virtual lessons. We continue to focus on serving the Conejo Valley community, including Calabasas, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, and Newbury Park.

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Why taking lessons with our amazing teachers is clearly the best choice for your child?

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Thousand Oaks Guitar Lessons for Children and Teens

California Music Academy offers guitar lessons in Thousand Oaks for children of all ages and abilities, including young beginners, intermediate students, and advanced guitar performers. We offer every style of guitar lessons from classical, jazz, and pop. Some of our students want to play just for fun, and others wish to become professional musicians. Most of our guitar students chose to take lessons with us, based on referrals from neighbors or classmates at their local Thousand Oaks schools.

We are located near to the Guitar Center store in Westlake Village, so you may want to shop there if you wish to buy a junior size guitar or a discounted electric guitar for your child. However, we highly recommend taking a trial lesson with us first, before heading to the Guitar Center store. Our experienced musicians will be happy to give you some honest, unbiased recommendations as to the best deals currently offered at Guitar Center for classical, acoustic, and electric guitars.

As we have many guitar teachers on staff, we can match students with an instructor that works best with their age, ability, and interests. Typically, one-on-one private guitar lessons in Thousand Oaks last 30, 45, or 60 minutes. Also, our advanced guitar students have performance level teachers who train them for music theory tests, competitions, and band auditions.


Your child should learn to play the guitar only with the best teachers in Thousand Oaks

If you are searching for an outstanding private guitar teacher in Thousand Oaks, we are your 5-stars choice! We provide high-quality guitar lessons in Thousand Oaks, CA, for kids and teens, at the most beautiful music school west of the Mississippi river… However, if you are looking for in-home lessons, we will gladly teach your child in the comfort of your own home.

Our guitar school program specializes in guitar lessons for beginners. Our amazing guitar teachers are, most importantly, experts at implementing unique teaching methods that are fun and creative. Our music program and guitar teaching methods focus on the musical goals of each student and include elements such as sight-reading, ear training, stage performance, and more.

Above all, our beginner electric guitar or acoustic guitar students enjoy a much faster learning curve than with any other guitar studio in the Thousand Oaks area. We find creative ways to help our young students love playing the guitar and keep enjoying it for years.


Helping you find the perfect guitar teacher in Thousand Oaks

Undoubtedly, we are the right choice for any parent in Thousand Oaks who is searching for the right guitar instructor. One that can truly meet the unique needs of young guitar players. Many music lessons providers seem to offer the “best guitar lessons” in Thousand Oaks. Most of them are, unfortunately, nothing more than a referral agency. However, we are genuinely the Real Deal! We are, by far, the most professional guitar school in Thousand Oaks, with more qualified music teachers than anyone else.


A REAL guitar school for children in the Thousand Oaks area

We are the largest REAL guitar studio in the Thousand Oaks area for over 17 years! Our teachers are well educated, professional guitarists. Our music education program incorporates the latest guitar teaching techniques, up-to-date sheet music, and guitar teaching aids to improve student learning.

Also, we specialize in beginner guitar lessons for toddlers, who make their first steps in learning to play the guitar or ukulele. Need help finding the right teacher? Call us at 818-991-7010 for a perfect guitar teacher for your child!


Best guitar teachers in Thousand Oaks and surrounding area

As has been noted, we are the preferred provider of guitar teachers to the Thousand Oaks community. We hire only the best teachers from the best music schools. We make sure they are friendly, passionate about teaching kids guitar lessons, and have the perfect personality to work with young guitar students. Our team members continuously work on enhancing our guitar teaching methods used at our studio. Furthermore, we make sure that our teachers are patient, fun to be around, and have the enthusiasm to motivate our guitar students in Thousand Oaks.


Guitar lessons in Thousand Oaks for young children

Guitar lessons for beginners are our specialty. We love helping young students start right from scratch and become competent guitar players. Your child needs no prior guitar experience to enjoy playing the guitar and get good at it really fast.

Moreover, we design all the lessons to meet your child’s specific goals and needs. Our kids’ guitar lessons for beginners are the perfect place to start for any child that is interested in playing music.


In-home guitar lessons for kids in Thousand Oaks

Generally speaking, we recommend that parents bring their kids for guitar lessons at our professional music teaching studio. Our Guitar Studio is located close to your home in Thousand Oaks. We realize that coming to our studio may require some commitment – but it is well worth it! The benefits of learning to play the guitar at a music school cannot be achieved in any other setting.


Guitar group classes in Thousand Oaks VS private guitar lessons

Please, try to avoid group guitar classes. Private guitar lessons are the only effective way to learn to play the guitar. There are no effective “instant” or online guitar teaching methods. It would be best to have an excellent private guitar teacher who uses proper teaching methods and a personalized study plan.

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Mixed Guitar & Singing Lessons in thousand Oaks

Some students enjoy taking our mixed Guitar & Singing lessons. Such lessons are not for everyone because they tend to be challenging, especially for beginners and younger students. We recommend starting Guitar & Singing lessons not before the child turns 8. Beginners usually take 30-minute lessons, while intermediate and advanced students take 45-minute or 60-minute lessons.

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