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California Music Academy has developed unique vocal methods specifically designed for toddlers and pre-school age kids. Our vocal coaches help them understand how to properly use their voice, discover their talents, and develop their singing skills. Preschoolers are introduced to music and other musical instruments by fun examination of the pace, music rhythm, and harmony.


SINGING LESSONS FOR Elementary School Students

We specialize in fun and engaging private singing lessons for kids. Our private singing lessons, performances, and home rehearsals help children become comfortable atmosphere in performing in front of an audience. Even if their skill level is quite low. Professional vocal coaches teach essential singing elements such as breathing, diction, vibrato, timbre, staying in-key, diction, and intonation techniques.

We assign new singing students to a specific voice teacher based on their interests, age, and skill level. Our expert singing instructors will teach your child how to sing through live rehearsals, private teaching, and live performances effectively. Using vocal valuable microphone practices, personal coaching, adequate warm-ups, and will enable your child to become a competent vocalist eventually.



The teenagers’ singing program focuses on young musicians and aspiring vocalists by teaching them the basics of singing. For example, we address elements such as timbre, breathing, stance, diction, and stage performance techniques.

These foundations are essential for excellence in vocal performance. Our professional singing teachers will guide novice singers through the early phases of vocal growth. We teach timbre development, tempo control, and pitch tuning. We believe that vocal training must include both developing singing skills and gaining real-life performance experience.



We offer professional voice training and singing lessons, which will help the students to reach their highest potential. Our expert vocal instructors focus on advanced vocal techniques to expand the student’s existing vocal range and repertoire. Our program includes private singing lessons coupled with full-band group rehearsals and possibly other instrumental music lessons. We also offer multiple opportunities for live performances, all designed to lift students to a higher level of vocals.



Our singing lesson program creates a supportive environment in which students of all abilities and unique talents feel comfortable. Simultaneously, we challenge the students to achieve their full potential as singers and performers. Students will acquire real skills with our private voice lessons through private voice lessons, professional experiences, rehearsals, and live events. Please note that we provide private singing lessons either in our studio or at your home. 


Experienced Vocal Coaches

All our singing teachers are music industry veterans with extensive experience. Each one of our vocal coaches has a proven track record as either a solo vocalist or as lead vocals in a musical band. They can undoubtedly capable of helping your child to develop as a singer.

We teach unique singing skills, build confidence and achieve personal growth as a musician or a professional singer. Singing lessons at our vocal studio will assist with many elements of singing. This includes carefully planned warm-ups and unparalleled vocal coaching methods.


Can my 3-Year-Old Sing?

Most 3-year-olds love to sing, but the emphasis on organized voice lessons is usually missing. It’s not too early to start teaching your child musical concepts. Our young students are encouraged to learn basic singing and vocal skills through fun, exciting musical challenges.



If your child loves to sing, you probably discovered it at a really young age. Many kids start to sing and dance once they reach preschool or kindergarten age. Many of them show notable vocal abilities clear signs of determination and motivation to perform in front of others. Therefore, once the child reaches a reasonable level of maturity, it is time to step up and start professional vocal instruction.


Focus on Popular music

Our singing program in focusing only on popular music. We teach multiple popular music genres such as pop, rock, R&B, country, and jazz. We developed unique exercises to address vocal range, breath control, ear training, vibrato, diction, tone production and reaching high notes.

Our vocal coaches work with their students on sounding like their preferred recording artists. Furthermore, we coach our students to develop their unique delivery and singing style. We also frequently work with our students on improving their speaking voices and tone.

We encourage your child to take our trial lesson. During those lessons, we will work on vocal warm-up techniques and have your child sing a short popular song. The teacher will evaluate your child’s singing skills and abilities. Then, we will suggest ways for vocal improvements and suggest a route for professional development. 


Unique Vocal Coaching

We are proud to have an established record of providing quick and impressive results with our vocal students. Our core strength is building upon the child’s natural tone. We work on developing breath & pitch control, expanding vocal range, and enhanced song interpretation. We also address target performance skills, vocal phrasing, strength, resonance and recording studio options, 

All lessons start with vocal warm-ups with an acoustic piano. Vocal Exercises help develop a child’s natural voice and style.

We teach singing the right way

students build a foundation centered on our proven vocal techniques. Students will learn to sing with proper breath control, pitch control, expand vocal range, dynamics, rhythm, and live performance. Usually, students perform their favorite songs by using backing tracks. However, teachers will often use a live acoustic piano to accompany their students. 


Comprehensive Professional Vocal Program

Our singing lessons address a broad spectrum of vocal elements that are often ignored by many fly-by-night singing instructors. We coach our young vocal students in: pitch control, chest voice. mixed voice and head voice.

Furthermore, we work on proper breathing, dealing with vocal fatigue, and singing dynamics. vocal students are also coached in expressing emotions, stage presence, microphone techniques and developing vocal groove. 

piano lessons for kids near me

Many of our students take the piano & singing mixed lessons. Such lessons are beneficial in keeping students engaged and motivated. We start Piano and Singing combo lessons at age 3 and up. Beginners usually take 30-minute lessons while intermediate and advanced students take 45-minute or 1-hour lessons.

voice lessons for kids near me
Mixed Guitar & Singing

Some of our students take guitar & singing mixed lessons. Such lessons are not for everyone because they tend to be challenging, especially for beginners and younger students. We use the appropriate sheet music to teach your child most effectively. Your child may learn to play Guitar and Sing at age six onward. 

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