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Are you looking for the best music teacher for your child? 

We offer the best private IN-HOME or VIRTUAL lessons in the Beverly Hills area

Do you want your child toPlay PianoSing Play GuitarPlay Piano & SingPlay Guitar & SingPlay Piano & GuitarPlay Flute or SaxophonePlay Drums?

Are you looking for the Best Music School for children in Beverly Hills?

California Music Academy is the leading music school for children in Beverly Hills. Our music education program focuses on the most popular musical instruments: piano, singing, and guitar

For almost 20 years, we ran the largest and oldest “brick and mortar” music school in Los Angeles. However, to ensure the safety of our students in the Covid-19 era, we have transitioned to private in-home lessons and live virtual lessons. We continue focusing on providing the best music education for children and teenagers in the Beverly Hills area.


A Premier MUSIC School with the Best Private Music Teachers!

Without a doubt, our music program is the most professional and effective music teaching method for children. Specifically, our incredible music instructors are using unique teaching methods, sight-reading, popular songs, and fun music teaching styles. Most importantly, we customize our grade level lesson plans to each student’s talents, skills, and personality. It is important to note that our faculty includes highly qualified music educators who are also active musicians with substantial teaching and performance experience. 


Center of excellence in Music Education

Equally important, our School of Music offers fun and exciting methods to explore music. Teachers are challenging yet supportive. Our pathway to music includes early childhood, preschool, elementary school, middle school, and high school. Moreover, As a leading musical performance center, we create an environment that encourages participation, interaction, enjoyment, and dedication.

Teachers are Available 7 days a week in Beverly Hills

To schedule your child’s trial lesson, please fill out the trial lesson form, contact us via email or messenger, or CALL 818-991-7010


Beverly Hills Best Piano Instructors for Children

Why taking lessons with our amazing teachers is clearly the best choice for your child?

We are Beverly Hills' Number One Music School 20 years in a row!


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Beverly Hills best drum lessons near me

Beverly Hills

We offer a wide variety of drum lessons or percussion lessons. Most of our students learn on drum kit. We have both male and female students and typically do not start drum lessons before the age 8 as students need to be able to reach both the pedal and the cymbals. Private drum lessons are available in 30 minute, 45 minute and 1-hour lengths.

Beverly Hills singing and piano teacher near home

Beverly Hills
Mixed Piano & Singing

Many of our students take piano & Singing Mixed lessons. Such lessons are very effective in keeping students engaged and motivated. We start Piano and Singing mixed lessons at age 3 onward. Beginners usually take 30-minute lessons while intermediate and advanced students take 45-minutes or 1-hour lessons. 

Beverly Hills guitar and singing lessons with the best teachers

Beverly Hills
Mixed Guitar & Singing

some of our students take guitar & Singing Mixed lessons. Such lessons are not for everyone, because they tend to be challenging especially for beginners and younger students. We start Guitar and Singing mixed lessons at age 6 onward. Beginners usually take 30-minute lessons while intermediate and advanced students take 45-minutes or 1-hour lessons. 

Beverly Hills - brass and woodwinds

Beverly Hills
Brass & Woodwinds

Our Saxophone, Clarinet, Trumpet or Flute lessons are aimed at highly motivated and committed students. Such instruments require a substantial initial investment and require relatively long daily practice. Our teachers that can teach lessons in many styles including rock, pop, jazz, classical, and improvisation.  Lessons’ lengths are 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1 hour.

Beverly Hills music education

Lena Gold

Music School Director

Lena Gold founded the California Music Academy 20 years ago, following many years as a successful musician who performed in many music venues worldwide. Teaching music to children started as a hobby. However, it eventually turned into a visionary music school that has enriched the lives of thousands of children and their families. Lena has developed a fantastic team of talented music teachers devoted to spreading their knowledge and love of music to the next generation.
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