American blues guitarist and singer Sonny Moorman became well-known and respected for his outstanding blues musicianship. Sonny Moorman is well-known in the blues music community and is renowned for his deep guitar work and vibrant singing.
He has put on numerous shows as a solo performer with his band, “Sonny Moorman Group.” He has performed at numerous blues festivals, clubs, and gatherings, garnering a devoted following for his electrifying live shows.
He grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has been an active member of the blues music community for many years. The heartfelt blues performances and extraordinary guitar playing of Sonny Moorman are well-known. He has developed a following for his passionate and upbeat live performances, enthralling crowds with his forceful playing and vibrant singing.
He has produced several albums throughout his career and is well known for his contributions to the blues genre. He has played in numerous bands and worked with other musicians to establish himself locally and nationally in Ohio’s blues scene.
Sonny Moorman’s live performances and studio recordings have helped him gain a devoted following in the blues world. He is renowned for his ability to meld classic blues with contemporary elements and for his passionate and energetic stage persona. Moorman’s guitar playing incorporates his flair, drawing influence from blues greats like B.B. King, Albert King, and Freddie King.

The California Music Academy teaches some of Sonny Moorman’s most notable music releases. 

Sonny Moorman

Most Popular Tracks:
      1. Telegraph Road
      2. Sonny’s Blues
      3. Crossroads Motel
      4. Sonny Moorman:Live at the Cincy Blues Fest
      5. Live as Hell
      6. More Live as Hell
      7. Lucky 13

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