A music festival in Cleveland Heights aims to publicize the Heights’ vibrant cultural scene and promote the community as an entertainment destination and a home for the arts. Music Hop is a multi-venue, annual event that uses music to help build community.

Thousands of visitors attend the music festival, stopping in many venues and checking out the multiple bands and performances. There are 30 bands slated to play at over 15 venues. Bands’ lineup included Classical Revolution, Maura Rogers and the Bellows, Oldboy, Spyder Stompers, and Commonwealth. The event allows people to come out and check out some great local music bands and performers. 

Performances occur throughout the district, including unique venues like the Atma Center, University Heights Library, and Zagara’s. Visitors can purchase a passport and explore craft brews at official Beer Week venues.

The California Music Academy is dedicated to promoting and participating in various music events, performances, and music festivals.

Heights Music Hop

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